Preventive Care
Your pet relies on you to provide the best medical care possible to ensure a long and healthy life.  We believe that the key to that is the wellness visit. During each wellness appointment, the doctor will preform a thorough exam, discuss vaccination options, spaying or neutering and medical procedures that might benefit your pet.   The doctor and staff will also discuss other ways to keep your pet healthy including medication options, food choices, behavior training, answer any other questions you have.

Our clinics provide clean, temperature-controlled boarding facilities for your pet.  Please, by reservation only.  For their protection, all pets must be current on vaccinations (written proof required) and must be on a flea prevention product while in the facility. Is you pet taking medications or on special food? Our staff is happy to administer any special foods, treats or medications you bring with them to your specifications. (Additional fee may apply).

Diagnostic and Laboratory Services
Our clinics offer up to date laboratory facilities on-site.  This enables us to run quick and accurate blood health panels and complete blood counts while your pet is here for his or her exam. Helping us to accurately diagnose diseases as rapidly as possible.

We also have digital x-ray capabilities which allows us to get a crisp clean picture in less than 60 seconds that can be enhanced to offer our doctors the most accurate view of what's happening internally.

Surgical Care

We have doctors who are very adept at preforming a variety of surgical procedures and support staff who are educated and knowledgeable in how to care for you pet before, during and after each procedure. We monitor each patient during surgery using machines that alert the doctor to the smallest changes in our patients breathing, temperature, heart rate, oxygenation and blood pressure helping to ensure that every pet has the best chance at a wonderful outcome.

Emergency Services

Our veterinarians are available by appointment during regular clinic hours.  We are closed on Sundays and holidays.  For all Pet Health Emergencies after hours, please call either of our offices for emergency contact information.
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